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Overview of Portable Power Options

Overview of Portable Power Options

As the world tries to work with the challenges of climate change, it’s vital that every sector takes steps towards reducing its carbon footprint.

The entertainment and construction sector is beginning to transition with the use of environmentally friendly HVO fuels but has to change its ways of working to move to fully sustainable battery power.

Benefits and Impact of battery power –

  1. Reduction of Carbon Emissions: Battery power provides a sustainable alternative to diesel generators. By switching to batteries industry can drastically reduce its carbon emissions and play a pivotal role in combating climate change.
  1. Improved Air Quality: Battery-powered solutions eliminate the release of harmful pollutants, leading to improved air quality on construction sites, production location sets and in event venues. This not only benefits the environment but also the health and well-being of everyone involved.
  1. Noise Reduction: Diesel generators are known for their noise pollution. Battery technology operates quietly, enhancing the overall experience for both crew members, workers, artists and audiences.
  1. Versatility and Reliability: Modern battery solutions are versatile and can handle the energy demands of various setups. With advancements in technology, batteries have become more reliable and efficient, ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Our systems are minimum 92% recyclable and offer creative combinations for deployment in fast-paced environments.
  1. Leading by Example: The entertainment industry in particular has a vast reach and influence. By adopting sustainable practices, it sets a positive example for other sectors, encouraging them to follow suit and collectively make a difference.

Currently there are many options of battery generators for the leisure industry. These typically only run up to 1-2KW with a maximum of one 13amp socket and some USB ports.

For the industries that require a minimum of 16amp or above, the rating would be 3KW and above.
Examples of these are:

VoltPax 3kW – This comes with 2 x 13amp sockets but one socket can be adapted to 16amp

Pess Energy – There are two models currently (Wattman – 6KW & Bobine – 4KW). The Wattman comes with 2 x 16amp and 1 x 32amp output whereas the Bobine comes with only 1 x 16amp output.

NXTGEN – Currently there is only one model – 4.8KW but with an option to extend this to 9.6KW. The outputs on this is 1 x 16amp and 1 x 32amp.

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