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Overview of custom printed sandbags

Overview of customs printed Sandbags

In-Motion can have your logo printed on your very own sandbags. This will not only allow your brand to be clearly visible on set but it also reduces the chance of someone taking them in error.

Here are some things to consider when ordering printed sandbags –

Can you print any logo?

We screen print your logo on the fabric before sewing the bags up. The inks that we use are quite thick so as to give good opacity on the fabric. Once dry these inks do not fade or crack. The surface of the fabric is textured so it is difficult to work with fine detail. For this reason clear bold text works best. Please also consider that your logo will be on black fabric, not a white background. If you can send us a copy of the artwork that you want to use we can guide you to the best result.

Can you print more than one colour?

Depending on your logo, yes we can.  We print each colour separately so it depends on your logo as to how much accuracy is needed in alignment. We have a range of standard colour inks available and can get exact colour matches made to special order.

Is there a set up charge?

Yes, we need to have a printing screen made to apply your logo. Once it has been used we store it in our ‘library’ for future use, so you only have to pay once for this.

What materials do you use?

The most common material is Polyester. This is relatively strong and is most suited to ‘in house’ studios where they will not be mistreated. ‘Cordura’ type nylon is also available. This is much stronger but is more expensive. It is more suited for a ‘hire’ environment where it is likely to be subject to more duress.

What sizes do you make?

  • Small – Which has 2 x 250mm x 250mm pockets – 7KG Payload. Click here if you wish to order the Arri branded Small Sandbag.
  • Large – Which has 2 x 250mm x 290mm pockets – 14KG Payload. Click here if you wish to order the Arri branded Large Sandbag.

Is there a minimum quantity?

The recommended minimum order is 50 pieces. Any less than this and it gets too expensive with the setup costs.

Alternatively see our branded ARRI Sand Bags

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