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Litepanels is the market leader in LED lighting systems for the television, broadcast, video and film industries. Our ground-breaking, award-winning lighting products are developed with a clear focus on performance, reliability and efficiency to deliver the very best results for all of our customers.

Litepanels was founded in 2001 by a group of Hollywood-based lighting designers and directors who pioneered LED lighting for motion pictures, television and the audio-visual industry. Our products have since won numerous awards and been used on-location and in studio environments, as well as for installations at the White House press briefing room. We have even delivered lighting systems for NASA to use in the International Space Station.


In 2015 Litepanels continues to lead the LED lighting revolution in form and function, retaining our clear focus on performance, reliability and efficiency as the primary features of high-quality lighting equipment. Through continual research, development and design we are able to consistently push the boundaries and set new standards for LED production lighting; expanding our catalogue of visually accurate, flicker-free, fully dimmable, soft LED lights.

The Litepanels Difference

Visually accurate Daylight, Tungsten and Variable Color Balanced Fixtures

  • Select bin, high performance LEDs
  • Superior color reproduction
  • High color rendition (CRI) and TLCI rated/accredited test facility

Litepanels offers LED lighting fixtures that are daylight balanced, tungsten balanced, and for some fixtures, variable color balance that can be dialed to any color temperature between daylight and tungsten. Take control of your lighting environment by matching any ambient color temperature or creating your own with high-quality, custom-made LED fixtures.

Proper thermal management ensuring consistent performance

  • Long LED life
  • Consistent color reproduction

Achieve a serious ROI and enjoy years of maintenance-free performance with LEDs that are properly cooled and not overdriven, resulting in tens of thousands of hours without refocusing or changing a bulb. Litepanels LED fixtures are moderated to provide accurate color temperature and consistent illumination for a long, long time to provide the best return on investment.

  • Eco-Friendly & compliant
    • RoHs Certified
    • FCC,CE &PSE

Litepanels has always been committed to protecting the environment by not using any hazardous materials in the construction of our LED lighting fixtures. The fixtures themselves can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle. Every Litepanels fixture is free from the harmful UV emissions found in more traditional lighting sources.

  • Universally Flicker Free
    • At any frame rate or shutter angle

Shoot confidently at any frame rate or shutter angle without experiencing flicker or partially exposed images. Flicker-free light output is not an inherent quality of LEDs, but it is with every Litepanels unit thanks to our analogue dimming system.

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