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Introduction to Lighting grip terms used by Gaffers on a TV/Film set.

Introduction to Lighting grip terms used by Gaffers on a TV/Film set.

If you are just starting out in college or University and ever wonder what some of the kit terminology it… well here is a short rundown for you.

Apple Box– A wooden box that can be used for almost anything. It comes in various sizes and is commonly used as steps, seats and to raise props, dressing or actors.

American – Often referred to a Combo stand which has three risers.

ASL – This is a Super Wind-Up stand which typically reach around 4m in height.

Barndoors– Folding doors that are attached to the front of lamps so they can be opened and closed to control the output of light.

Barrel Clamp – Barrel Socket Clamp enables the easy fixing of lighting instruments and fixtures fitted with a 29mm spigot or 16mm pin to horizontal or vertical bars

Black wrap– Black aluminium foil that is used to cover light leaks or shaped into flaps to cut the light.

C-stand– An extremely versatile metal stand used for holding lights, floppy, cutters, and anything else you need to be stabilized.

Diffusion– A white material used to soften the light source.

Dimmer– A device used to control the power of the lamp.

Floppy– Square or rectangular frames with black material used to control the light. They can be used to cut the light off a certain subject or to blackout an area for the director’s monitor.

Gel– A transparent coloured filter that is applied to the front of a light to manipulate the colour output.

Hi-Roller – Tall overhead stand with a large grip head. Often has a max height of approx. 5.5m.

Hi Hi Walker – Same as a Hi-Roller but with a wider base

Knuckle – Also known as a grip head. Attaches the extension arm onto a C-Stand

Low Boy – Often referred to a Combo stand which has a single riser.

Scrim– A type of material similar to diffusion to manipulate the intensity of the light source. Typically, scrims are quite large, either 10’x10’ or 20’x20’, and used to diffuse the harsh sunlight when shooting exteriors.

Shot bag– A heavy bag full of lead shot used to weigh down stands. Looks like a sandbag.

Shotgun – This is a mini version of the base from a C-Stand

Turtle – Base of a C-Stand

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