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IBC 2019 was a very eventful show and here are just some of the new products that were announced at the show. 


The Orbiter wont be released until May/June 2020 and as such pricing hasnt been confirmed by Arri. 

The ultra-bright LED point source with a variety of optics.
All systems in Orbiter are completely new and designed with versatility in mind.
Orbiter’s new six-colour light engine delivers a wide-colour gamut and outstanding colour rendition across all colour temperatures along with industry-leading, smooth dimming from 100 - 0%.

With its changeable optics, Orbiter can transform into many different types of lampheadsincluding projection (profile), open face, soft light, and other future possibilities.

Orbiter’s state-of-the-art technology and versatile designmakes it an optimal lamphead for today and for the future with endless possibilities for updates, configurations, and enhancements.

Features -

  • Variety of optics including: open face, projection, dome,and light banks

  • ARRI Spectra six-colour wide gamut light engine

  • Extremely powerful output for maximal brightness andperfect colours

  • Lighting Operating System (LiOS) with powerful softwarefeatures

  • Weather proof housing

  • Integrated colour sensor for matching ambient light

  • Removable, intuitive control panel

  • Full suite of connectors and sensors

  • Perfected smooth dimming to zero

  • Internal power supply, Wireless DMX, and battery input



LOWEL EGO LED - Coming Soon

Lowel Ego® LED, a desktop or mountable LED fixture that’s designed to create the most flattering, beautiful soft light putting your subject in a much better light.
Soft, even lighting hides blemishes to make people and objects look their best and simple adjustments for brightness and colour temperature.

The Lowel Ego LED enhances the beauty of the subject no matter the medium, whether photography, videography, streaming or video conferencing. Capturing natural beauty for portrait, streaming videos, selling, collecting, archiving or even food photography is as simple as plugging in an attractive desk lamp.

The Lowel Ego LED is perfect for videographers, social media content creators, in-house producers, and desktop publishers looking to give their work a little extra pop.

Product Specifications:

  • Plug and go, no assembly required.Full colour control from daylight to tungsten and anything in between.
  • Adjustable brightness from 10%-100%
  • No bulbs to replace
  • Attractive industrial design that can double as a desk lamp.
  • Low heat emissions so the subject stays cool.
  • Comes complete with US, UK and EU power cords. 



The Lowel Blender® XL - Coming Soon

This new bi-colour fixture, employs powerful and efficient surface mount LEDs with an impressive output almost four times a traditional one by one panel. This affordable fixture provides high quality output (98 CRI) in a rugged and compact package powered through a switchable AC/DC power supply that accepts professional V-Mount batteries.

Utilizing 45-degree optical lenses, the Blender XL casts a versatile narrow flood illumination that provides broad coverage while remaining strong enough to deliver the reliable punch. It also includes a high-quality, removable diffusion that seamlessly blends the daylight and tungsten balanced LED sources for a pleasing, consistent output.

The rugged steel and aluminum design is built to withstand harsh field production environments, and the ability to use professional V-Mount batteries in addition to AC power provides the versatility to work anywhere with confidence.

Product Specifications:

  • Efficient, powerful surface mount LEDs

  • Independently controlled the Daylight and Tungsten colour balanced LED arrays

  • 45-degree narrow flood beam angle

  • Removable diffusion for even and consistent illumination

  • Switchable AC/DC power supply with V-Mount battery mount

  • Compact, rugged steel and aluminum housing

On its own, the Lowel Blender XL answers a variety of production needs in a compact package. When combined into a three-light kit with case and accessories, it becomes a must-have for any on-the-go lighting package. 

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