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september 25, 2023

Adam Hall’s New UK Experience Centre

Adam Hall have created their own incredible experience centre. This centre is located in High Wycombe and includes products from their many brands. These include Cameo

september 25, 2023

Introduction to Lighting grip terms used by Gaffers on a TV/Film set.

If you are just starting out in college or University and ever wonder what some of the kit terminology it… well here is a short rundown

september 25, 2023

Introduction to Power Distribution for Film & TV

Whether you are experienced or just starting out, there are many factors to consider before jumping in at the deep end. Inlet Do you have enough

september 25, 2023

Overview of Portable Power Options

As the world tries to work with the challenges of climate change, it’s vital that every sector takes steps towards reducing its carbon footprint. The entertainment

september 25, 2023

Astera accessories by Lock Circle

The Exo Skeleton project for Astera Led Tubes was born from the experience of established cinematographers who were looking for the maximum creative flexibility shooting with

september 25, 2023

Changes to the Arri M18 Glass.

As of May 2023 we have upgraded to a Version 3 (V3) of the UV Protection Glass and Lens Holding Springs for the M18. Mixing the

september 25, 2023

Overview of customs printed Sandbags

In-Motion can have your logo printed on your very own sandbags. This will not only allow your brand to be clearly visible on set but it

september 25, 2023

Short overview of Cameo products

In the realm of professional lighting equipment, Cameo has earned a reputation for being a brand that consistently delivers high-quality, innovative, and versatile lighting solutions. With

september 25, 2023


2600W Point-Source LED with Dynamic White CCT & Tint Control The Electro Storm XT26 is a 2600W high-output point-source LED fixture with dynamic white CCT and

september 25, 2023

New Arri Skypanel X

The world of filmmaking and photography is continually evolving, and staying at the forefront of technology is essential for professionals in the industry. Arri, a renowned

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