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Lowel Lighting

Lowel lighting equipment is primarily used in professional digital video, and digital photography, as well as film based photographic production. While we are considered the worldwide standard for location lighting, we also have equipment designed specifically for studio production and video conferencing applications. 
Our lights, controls, mounts and kits are designed and built for rugged dependable use, ease of operation & portability. Choosing the right equipment is first a matter of determining your specific technical and aesthetic requirements. 

From 1959, when we introduced the triple-patented Lowel-light system and Gaffer-tape, to the present, we have consistently created unique professional lights and kits. Our innovations have made it easier to transport, set-up, control and maintain lighting equipment. 


Our lights and accessories are designed to provide additional creative options on location because they are multi-functional. 


Many Lowel components can be used interchangeably among several of our lighting systems. For instance, the Tota-brella converts five different fixtures to soft sources; the Tota-frame can be used with 4 different lights. 

Compact Kits

Integration and fold-up components allow Lowel to offer more than fifty single-case kits (created from one or more of our lighting systems) with as many as forty accessories in a kit, selected to handle a wide range of lighting situations. Typically, Lowel kits are kept in active use for 10 years or more. 

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