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ARRI L-7 LED Fresnel

Created on 28/09/11 by Editor



In-motion are pleased to announce the new ARRI LED fresnel lampheads called L-Series L-7.
3 versions of lampheads to choose from -Tungsten only, Daylight only, and Tuneable White from 2800-10,000º Kelvin with plus and minus green and full gamut colour control RGB.

The L-7 range, with a 7" fresnel lens, works in the same ways that you expect a traditional tungsten ARRI lamphead.  You can spot and flood, from 15-50º, use the barndoors to cut and shape the light and even use the same accessories that you use for standard ARRI 1000w fixtures.  Chimera rings, scrims, snoots and barndoors all fit within the front accessory holders.

Althought LED is a very 'green' technology and the fixture operates at cool temperatures, the LED array still creates heat that requires careful management.

Two options of heat management, firstly passive cooling that incorporates a heat sink without any electronic fan; and secondly an option to have an electronic fan and cool using active cooling.

The benefit for opting for Passive cooling is no potential sound or additional moving parts for maintenance, and works within ambient temperatures of 35º C.

If you choose the active cooling option you benefit from a lighter fixture, and higher ambient temperature operation up to 50º C, but you have an electronic fan.  This fan can be controlled with 3 fan control options built into the fixture software that can override the speed and workings of the fan.

All fixtures are DMX control as standard, with RDM protocol.  All fixtures have DMX 5 pin XLR connector and socket for DMX in/out.  All are able to be controlled by the latest control desks with 8 bit or 16 bit DMX control for standard or fine control.
The single colour units (Tungsten only, Daylight only), use only one channel of DMX to control the intensity.

The Tuneable White/Colour version uses more channels of DMX and this can vary depending on the amount of control that you need for the fixture.  This can vary from 3 channels up to a max of 16 channels.  The DMX protocol modes can be provided if you would like further information on this.

All fixtures have the option to have an pole operated stirrup or standard stand mount stirrup/yoke.  Pole operated stirrups are used widely in studios where you need to control pan, tilt and focus of the lamphead from the studio floor by way of an operating pole.  Stand mound stirrups have a single stirrup lock off and a 29mm spigot, as most ARRI fixtures.

The L7 LED fixtures have built in dimmers that control the intensity fully from 0-100% without the need for additional dimmers.

The benefits of using LED technology is clear to see when comparing to Tungsten fixtures.  The L7 heads are 200-220w of power and heat, which is providing similat light levels and performance to a 1000w Tungsten - thus saving 75% on power alone.

Lseries studio p


"LED - Savings everywhere!!"


When you also consider the savings within a studio environment of air conditioning, the savings on power, the savings on not having dimming racks and cabling for dimmers, the saving on installation of dimmers and electrical infastructure and the savings on lamp replacements that you would need to change with a typical tungsten fixture of 50,000 hours.  You can quickly calculate the real savings within a studio over just a couple of years.

With this new ARRI fixture, it really is time to consider LED for professional studio installation.

If you would like to a demonstration on these new ARRI L-Series lampheads, or would like to receive a written quotation.  
Please contact our sales team and we will be happy to discuss and provide further details.

View L-Series Brochure HERE
View L-Series Video overview HERE 
L-Series 02


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